At Affordable truck parts we offer only high quality used truck parts from used truck engines transmissions,diferencials ,hoods and more.We also do all kind of repairs on trucks new or old 

Used truck parts for Semi trucks you can find at Affordable truck parts,a family owned and operated shop.We carry truck parts for semi trucks.Beside that we have a truck shop where the engine or other truck parts can be installed for an affordable price .Stop by at our location in Shiller Park and choose parts for your truck.

Here ,at Affordable Truck Parts you can purchase used truck parts at a great price and qoality .Whether you need an engine for your truck  or a transmission,we arehere to help you .Call us today at 630 788 6625 and our professionals will be happy to assist you .We also havea truck repair shop,any parts that you need for your truck you will be able to find in our shop and our  mechanikers can install them for you